This, my second year, has seen me researching the possibilities of be coming a portrait artist… My interest in line drawing has led to my discovering, many artists who added paint to their line drawings, Egon Schiele in particular. Picasso and Leger also used the black line in their paintings, often using block colour to interesting effect.

Preparing For Silk Screen Printing

Fetch a couple of copies of an image… everything black and white… Get an image and scan it…to get sky use the magic wand tool on Photoshop…then the paint bucket tool…to make the areas black.  Use the last tool to select areas….select areas edit, new layer, layer.

Make a collage, in black and white. All come next week at the Sam time. Next wed 24th 1.00pm prepare! Thurs 25th or wed 7th febnd Thurs 8th. 


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