Independent research

The first artist I have researched on this project is Aubrey Beardsley (1872 – 1898) His black ink drawings, done in his own unique style and influenced by Japanese, woodcut printing are both fascinating and grotesque to view. 

Beardsley was part of the Aesthetic movement during the ‘fin de siecle’ and Art Nouveau period. His drawings were intended to shock…and they succeeded in doing so… 

Single line drawing, whereby you do not remove your pen/pencil fom the page, but draw on, holding onto any obvious mistakes as enhancements.

EGON SHIELE (1890 – 1918) 

Was a protege of the Austrian painter  Gustav Klimt. His figurative paintings an drawings are products of the Vienna Secessionist and expressionist period of modern art.

The expressive line that is characteristic of Schiele’s drawing, seems related to and yet Poles apart from Beardsley’s own drawing style, in that the latters work is disciplined and ordered, the former expressing a more fluid, less contrived style. Both had command over the drawn line.

Egon Schielle did actually serve time in prison for his sexualised drawings of young girls. His risque pictures shocked the public. See below:

Boris Schmitz

Another drawing artist who’s work has captured my attention, is Boris Schmitz His line drawings in particular. The one below is an example of his continuous line drawing:

And this one:

As well:

Boris schmitz, now 25, studied art in Cologne, Germany. His drawings are minimalist and semi abstract. They give the impression of a piece puzzle, as though they were fitted together… Yet there is a controlled fluidity present. Some of his more interesting drawings below:


Visiting Artist In Residence, Cedar Lewisohn.
06/03/2017 Monday

Street Artist Cedar Lewisohn joined BaFaY1 in our studio today and was introduced by Jamie Holman. We discussed a project based around food, it’s significance in local culture and the myths and legends surrounding it. 

We will be looking into the cross -over between visual art and food,researching recipes,old and new, that were peculiar to Lancashire… The story we create with this information, we will turn into art! Performance art, mono print, lino print…

This work will eventually be displayed as a part of the ‘Found in Blackburn Project’ on Saturday 11th March.


Today Cedar spoke to us individually about the research we were carrying out in regard to his project… Garnering recipes, old and new and the myth and history surrounding them…This has been an interesting aspect to the project.

When we have collated the work, we will begin the process of making lino prints…


The lino printing we did today was based around different styles of text…Each of us worked on the lino to etch the words relating to our particular food item. 

We then did 2 mono prints, using a lighter colour on one and then keeping one back. With the second we over set with a darker colour. This gave us the effect we wanted…

 These prints will be displayed in ‘The Prism Gallery’ on Saturday 11th March for the ‘Found in Blackburn Exhibition.’.


Today we did more research collecting images of our own choice to be digitally copied for a display that Cedar will put into film…


This morning we had our images digitally copied so it can be referenced through a power point…

Later we had the pleasure of attending an interview hosted by Cedar with a fascinating lady called Lyndsey Barrow.

Lyndsey was an expert on the food stuffs of Lancashire both old and new. Her knowledge was impressive and delivered with humour and confidence…

From Lancashire hotpot to sarsparilla beer.From sad cakes to fish and chips, she took us on a whistle stop tour of our red,rose food heritage.

We have also been preparing the Gallery space in readiness for tomorrow’s Exhibition.


This was the day of the Found in Blackburn project… Off to the gallery early, to find Cedar and Jamie preparing the digital image exhibition of the images we used as part of our research. 

This collection of food related imagery, were projected onto a large screen which showed all of the work intermittently.

A continuous video of the various stages of the making of chapattis was very effective…A hennaed hand, mixed the flour and water, kneaded the dough and then cooked it on a special flat pan. This was speeded up. 

A kind of percussion soundtrack accompanied this short film in unison with the activity.

Cedar suggested we take a walk around the town to visit some of the other works that were being played out throughout the town. Many of them brought memories flooding back.. 

In particular, three neon works by the artist David Boultbee, of the original shopping mall before it was clad. I told the guy who was assigned to display and talk about the pieces how the shopping mall was once described as ‘Gothic Lavatorial’. 

Obscura Darkroom, showed a collection of images on a ‘Lomo Wall’. Provided by members of the public, who had been given cameras to take snaps. Will now be a permanent piece of outdoor Street art…
Returning to Prism, we found the gallery space filling nicely. Cedar took us all into the brown room and gave a talk about our exhibition and invited each of us to talk briefly about our printwork. This went very well

Gathering in the white space to watch Richard do a piece of performance art, was one of the highlights of the day. He sat (bravely) at a small table and devoured a full plate of honeycomb tripe, sprinkled with vinegar… This piece was watched with amusement and full marks to Richard who gained a great burst of applause for his efforts…

Later at the event, I was interviewed on film. I was asked what the whole experience was about and what I had gained from ‘Artist In Residence Week’. 

I found the whole week exciting and interesting. Starting with a concept and then running through the different stages with it. From idea to research…from research to production…from production to exhibition.

Working out the best way to display art, in a gallery setting…being able to stand up in front of a crowd of people and explain the work…All this, with the guidance of a professional working artist…Cedar Lewisohn.

This experience has been a turning point, a sort of mini glimpse at the overall vision of where I am going on the BaFa degree course.


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